Imported equipment


Manufacture of dryers for crops.

Bonfanti, Italy

Since 1979, the company manufactures Bonfanti dryers for grains crops. Productivity (for wheat 19-14%) from 10 to 120 m/h. Bonfanti dryers, are effective not only in normal conditions but also in severe when grain moisture is increased and in adverse weather conditions. Bonfanti dryers are not afraid of any cold air or high humidity or strong winds Technical aspects:
  • The use panels of galvanized aluminium (alloy of aluminium and zinc: 55% aluminum, 16% silicon, 47,4% zinc, after 10 years use of galvanized steel corrosion degree is 25 microns, while the galvanized aluminum - 5 microns).
  • Centrifugal fans with high efficiency and low level of noise.
  • Atomizers with air-blown. Special flame allocation and the ability to have available a large amount of air to mix it possible not to use the combustion chamber. This type of injector is suitable for all types of gas.
  • Cross airflow system makes possible next: use dryer flexible: processing very wet corn (40%), corn middle humidity (20%) or grains, wich humidity conditions is attain (16-18%); high heat recovery; decrease in fuel costs and the absorbed heat energy.
  • The system of Antishock from degradation and damage crops.
  • Environmental Protection of Nature: separation of dust into the atmosphere, generated by the warm air through the grain is maintained at low levels compared with the resolvable (<15 mg / Nm3) through the use of pneumatic valves, grooves with larger cross-sections to prevent the rapid passage of air, external collectors with large sections of the air guide and improve its allocation.
  • Increased explosion and a fire safety.

Manufacture of metal silos for grain storage.

Symaga, Spain

Experience, reliability, quality.

Alfonso Garrido, basing the business in the manufacturing and marketing of farm silos and livestock equipment, founded Symaga in 1985.

Today, company Symaga S.A. is the one of the world leaders specializing in manufucture of metal silos for grain storage. Products of Symaga S.A. is a wide range of silos with capacity from 10 up to 15 000 tons.

Backed by an experience of more than 30 years, the company has exceeded 6,000 installations, building more than 24 million m³ of grain storage in more than 120 countries.

Сompany specializes in designing, manufacturing and marketing of galvanized steel silos available for different industries such as breweries, animal feed, port facilities, flourmill, ethanol, drying, flourmills, and storage of raw materials for the plastic industry and biofuels.

The Symaga's products are renowned for their durability and easy-assemble. Silos are manufactured in corrugated galvanized steel, with a 600 gr/m² coating in cylinder, and zinc-magnesium covering in the roof, ensuring a double service life more than other suppliers do.

Symaga constantly invests in updated technology to achieve the total automation and reach maximum quality standards.