Word of the technical director

Gliwinsky Alexander

Production machines, manufactured by Plant of Elevator Equipment find its application all over Ukraine and in countries of the near abroad. We work hard in order that plant’s output product be synonym of effective and safety work of cereal-processing companies.

Our transport, aspirational, cereal drying and much other technological equipment, along with many individual design stages are designed and manufactured allowing to standardization and serviceability.

Long experience and regular navigated development efforts are the base for effective production. In its turn high-technological automatic lines of Plant of Elevator Equipment adhere high performance criteria and high rate of productivity.

Only for cereal products developed manufacturing equipment guarantee the customer optimal safety for products and low breakage. Using of new manufacturing technologies, such as laser pointer, nesting layouts without thermal influence, using of high-rated and low-wearing materials guarantee the quality of manufacturing products. Reasonable in internal structure guarantee simple assembly of machines, and also seamlessly replacement of units in case of need.Control devices, such as line leaving sensors, engine revolution sensors and in-line reverse motion clock expel industrial accidents.

During 50 years we are the development and design makers in manufacturing of transport, cereal drying and aspirational equipment. At that period we substantially assist in standard development for cereal-processing equipment.

Hundreds of successfully implemented projects confirms the confidence of our customers in high quality products.

Best regards,
Technical Director
"Plant of Elevator Equipment", LLC
Gliwinsky Alexander

Gliwinsky Alexander