Grain drying equipment

  • Shaft grain dryer


    Since 1979 Bonfanti company specializes in the development of grain drying complexes and for the period of work has gained considerable experience in the application of new technologies. GC «Grain Capital» is an importer of Bonfanti dryers in Ukraine, as well as provides services of design and installation of grain drying units, depending on the individual wishes of the customer.

    • Shaft grain drier


      Grain dryers with two consecutive stages of drying (tower grain dryers) consist of two drying towers working in parallel and made of prefabricated metal sections. The dryer towers can be purchased in Ukraine for a good price from out catalog. Each dryer tower has 7 sections and is divided by height in 3 functional areas. The first area (heating) of the grain dryer occupies the upper part of the tower, the second, middle area hosts grain drying, the third, lower area provides for grain cooling.

      GC "Grain Capital" manufactures components for grain dryers DSP-32 DSP-50 (sections, ducts, hoods, etc.), as well as professionally perform work on the reconstruction and automation of grain drying systems.