Imported equipment


Manufacture of dryers for grain crops.

Bonfanti, Италия

Since 1979, Bonfanti has been manufacturing dryers for cereals. Productivity (for wheat 19-14%) from 10 to 120 t/h.

Bonfanti grain dryers effectively work not only in normal, but also in heavy conditions when the moisture content of the grain is increased even under adverse weather conditions. Bonfanti grain dryers are not afraid of neither cold air, high dampness, nor strong wind.

Technical features:

  • Using panels made of galvanized aluminum (aluminum-zinc alloy: 55% of aluminum, 16% of silicon, 47.4% of zinc; after 10 years of use, the corrosion of galvanized steel is 25 microns, while in galvanized aluminum it is 5 microns).
  • Centrifugal fans with high efficiency and low noise interference.
  • Nozzles with air blowing. The special distribution of the flame and the possibility of having a large amount of air for mixing allow not using the combustion chamber. This type of nozzle is suitable for the combustion of all types of gas.
  • The system of intersecting airflow makes it possible: flexible use of the dryer: processing of very wet maize (40%), medium moisture maize (20%) or cereal with moisture content reach of up to (16-18%); greater heat regeneration; reduction of fuel consumption and absorbed heat power.
  • Antishock system to prevent from degradation and damage to crops.
  • Environmental protection: the release of dust into the atmosphere generated by the passage of warm air through the grain is maintained at low levels compared to those permitted (<15 mg/Nm3) due to the use of pneumatic valves, grooves with increased cross-sections in order to prevent rapid passage of air, external collectors with large cross sections to direct air and improve its distribution.
  • Increased explosion and fire resistance.

Manufacture of metal silos for grain storage.

Symaga, Испания

Experience, reliability, quality.

Alfonso Garrido founded Symaga Group in 1985 to manufacture silos and other equipment for poultry and pig production.

Today, Symaga S.A. is one of the world leaders specializing in the production of metal silos for the storage of grain crops. The Simaga S.A. company's products are a wide range of silos with a capacity of 10 to 15 000 tons.

The guarantee of the quality of Symaga products is 30 years of experience in the market, as well as more than 24 million cubic meters of silo, built on more than 6000 objects in more than 120 countries.

The company specializes in the design, manufacture and sale of silos for the storage of grain from galvanized steel, which are also used in various industries such as flour milling, brewing, biofuel production, port facilities, etc.

Symaga products are known for their durability and ease of assembly. Silo tanks are made of galvanized corrugated steel, with a zinc coating of 600 g/m2 with a zinc-magnesium coating of 600 g/m² in the cylinder and a zinc-magnesium coating on the roof, providing a service life almost double that offered by other manufacturers.

Symaga constantly invests its resources in the latest technologies for the production of high standards products and complete control over the production process.