Intake and discharge

Truck tipperZEO-GARU

Designed for unloading grain and other bulk materials.

Side truck tipplerZEO-GARU-B

It is designed for unloading grain and other bulk materials. When  unloading vehicles, not the whole car rises, but only one side of it,  the platform, at this moment, tilts toward tipping over.

Unloading сonveyor (screw)ZEO-DSC

Grain goes from the hopper car to the inlet tray of the ZEO-DSC unit. Then it is transported to the plenum chamber.

Screw type conveyerZEO-MSR

The product goes into the charging hopper and then transported with help of an auger conveyor either to the processing line or to the motor truck.

Folding bridgeZEO-MPU

It is designed for access and maintenance of grain wagons when unloading the product.

Stuffing pipeZEO-R-Tube

Styrofoam pipe is designed for loading containers with bulk materials. The discharge nozzle is adjustable in height and in the angle of rotation.

Tare special with bottom dischargeZEO-CDE

The container is designed for handling bulk materials. This method allows you to get away from the construction of the mooring gallery and installation of the ship's loading machine.

Telescopic loading sleeveZEO-LD

Loading machine ZEO-LD-300 is intended for safe and dustless loading of bulk materials from a fixed-site complex (grain elevator or storage bin) into a vehicle. Loading machine is capable of housed loading (into cargo tanks) and open loading (on a vehicle body or a platform).