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Business Consulting

Business must be efficient. Before building or reconstructing, you must not only understand how it will work in years to come, but also be sure of it. With Grain Capital's consulting audit, you can not only determine the actual state of things inside your business at any stage of operation, but also work with us to elaborate a step-by-step plan for further development and optimization.


Our experience is your experience. We know more than just how to create a high-quality project, manufacture reliable equipment, or automate an enterprise. We are aware of how these should be linked into a single concept and symbiotically work to maximize our clients' profit in the short and long run.

24/7 Support and Warehousing

Business is probably most satisfying when it's stable. We back up our experience with physical goods and keep a wide range of products in stock. If it becomes urgent to repair or replace something, we do so.


Thinking about and critically evaluating your performance and previous experience is the best tool for making a realistic assessment of your position in the market. The ability to look back in time to plan for the future is the ultimate skill. We pay much attention to critical thinking and evaluation of results to plan for the future as part of the “supervision” stage, which is mandatory for every project. Take a confident step from an idea to a leadership position in the market of grain storage complexes.

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