osnova.bot is primarily aimed at creating and managing an external queue of vehicles for the transportation of grain crops from the "field" (farmer's grain warehouse) to the elevator or grain terminal using a Telegram bot, and is used by clients and counterparties of the agro-industrial complex: farmers and farms, agro-traders, logistics companies, elevators, and grain terminals.
A person in charge shall pre-fill in the quotas for the desired period via the Telegram bot, specifying how many vehicles with which crops the grain storage complex or terminal is ready to accept by day and time slots in a day. All registered users can receive the announced information and book an acceptance operation for a certain number of vehicles through the same application.

  • Creating/editing quotas, clients, and crops
  • Creating an electronic queue
  • Displaying the list of vehicles in the queue or the history of accepted vehicles
  • Blocking/unblocking drivers and vehicles
  • Blocking/unblocking drivers and vehicles (blacklist)
  • All user functions are available in the popular Telegram messenger

Flexible planning of the company's work to optimize the staff, payroll, and compliance with the financial plan. Avoiding queues outside the enterprise means no complaints from the public, no inspections by government agencies, and no conflicts with the local administration. Exact vehicle processing time means higher loyalty of the consignors and carriers and lower logistics costs. Shorter vehicle processing time means an increase in the gross financial index.

Indicator for calculating the cost of the software delivery
Telegram bot
€6 250
incl. cost of implementation and training
Business process re-engineering (As Is -> To Be)
€1 000
Setting up data exchange and integration between systems
€2 000
Setting up business processes according to format roles To Be
€1 250
Setting up business processes according to additional roles at the Customer's request

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