osnova.booking is a powerful tool that integrates the functions of external and internal logistics, traffic control within the enterprise, vehicle accounting, and communication with consignors.
osnova.booking enables logistics and planning optimization by accepting requests for vehicle processing (acceptance or shipment) from the consignor in the web application. Autonomous driver check-in (via a parking meter) system reduces personal communication with other drivers and security guards. The hardware and software system based on RFID technology provides full control over the vehicles' stay on the territory of the enterprise and emergency notifications in case of violation of the time spent on the site or deviation from the route.

  • Automated vehicle tracking, as well as quantitative and qualitative accounting;
  • Controlled vehicle traffic on the territory of the enterprise;
  • Creating an electronic queue of vehicles;
  • An option to prioritize vehicles (own vehicle or that of an agricultural company, priority consignor, etc.);
  • Scheduling operational logistics and production activities based on electronic requests from counterparties;
  • Implementing electronic rather than paper-based document management in the freight transportation organization.

Transparent planning and interaction with consignors through a user-friendly web application interface; a consignor's own account in the application and notifications in Telegram regarding the weight and quality of shipments, the arrival time of the vehicle, and the waiting time in line, thus offering essential and accurate information without unnecessary communications, errors, and the risk of conflict. Traffic and labor safety, anti-abuse protection. Higher speed of transport processing, overall improvement of economic performance.

Indicator for calculating the cost of the software delivery
Lifetime License
€17 579
Additional Customer Options
Technical support
Support for "Basic License"
€300/ month
Support for additional users
Implementation and training costs for Osnova Software
Business process re-engineering (As Is -> To Be)
€2 000
Setting up data exchange and integration between systems
€3 000
Setting up business processes according to format roles To Be
€16 900
Setting up business processes according to additional roles at the Customer's request

Check Point (antenna, electrical enclosure , power supply, signal converter)
from €1 186
Vehicle registration kit (RFID cards, RFID self-destructive stickers, readers)
from €684
Checkpoint (queue registration terminal, 2 barriers, LED panel "Electronic queue")
from €9 084
Motion adjustment point (traffic light, Local control post, electrical enclosure , electrical equipment)
from €639
Information board
from €460

Type of operation
determined by the topology of the facility and the selected equipment configuration
Construction works
determined by design documentation
Electric installation work
determined by design documentation
determined by design documentation

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