SCADA software for the automated control system of the elevator's technological process, smart.scada, is a software designed to monitor and control the operation of the elevator's conveying equipment in real time.
It provides the features of traditional SCADA (route formation, protective shutdowns, blocking, and alarms), and offers several advantages of a modern IT product developed by industry experts.

  • Remote control and management of the technological process;
  • Equipment management in automatic, remote, and local operating modes;
  • Prompt collection and processing of data on the condition of conveyors, bucket elevators, mechanisms, sensors, etc;
  • Control of operating modes of transport mechanisms;
  • Load control on conveying mechanisms;
  • Prevention of grain mixing;
  • Continuous diagnostics of equipment status and pre-emergency events with details about the malfunction type;
  • Minimized human factor.

Client-server architecture, no restrictions on the amount of archived data to be stored, access from anywhere in the world via the Internet and a browser, saving up to EUR 20,000.00 on licenses. Isometric display of the object with maximum approximation to the real topology, with the ability to scale, minimizing the time for the operator to adapt, quickly respond to events and understand the situation.

Indicator for calculating the cost of the software delivery
Lifetime License
€11 250
Additional Customer Options
Technical support
Support for "Lifetime License"
€190/ month
Support for additional options
Additional cost of implementation and training
Integration with accounting system
€1 250
Integration with other systems, from*
€3 000
Remote access to the SDAU  in viewing mode
Training customer employees to work on updated To Be business processes

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