Software for the computing appliance of the hopper scales weighing system. It can be used both for Grain Capital hopper scales and other equipment that meets the technical requirements.
  • Continuous monitoring of equipment status and diagnostics at the PLC level;
  • Creating and accounting assignments and completed shipments;
  • Recording full data of each shipment, including net weight, container, and gross weight;
  • Receiving data in real-time;
  • An option to integrate with accounting systems.

Client-server architecture with access from anywhere in the world via the Internet and a browser through a secure channel; the ability to remotely control the weighing process. A centralized and optimized database allows you to keep track of assignments and completed shipments for all hopper scales at the enterprise simultaneously. It can run both on the operator's desktop PC based on Windows and industrial server equipment based on Linux (at the client's choice).

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Lifetime License
€4 250
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Additional cost of implementation and training
Business process re-engineering (As Is -> To Be)
Setting up data exchange and integration between systems
€1 250
Training customer employees to work on updated business processes To Be
Setting up business processes according to additional roles at the request of the Customer

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