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For a payback period of 3-4 years, we strongly suggest that you stick to the standard service package* related to the design and construction of the River Terminal business, involving the following services: 

  • Defining a business strategy 
  • Creating the most suitable technology 
  • Selecting the proper equipment 
  • Digging into the contractor market
  • Building and automating your business
*see the parameters specified in the inquiry schedule
Payback period:
3 - 4 years
It is based on the combined storage of grain in flat bottom silos and a mechanized warehouse. Combining all the main features of a linear grain storage complex on a limited berth area with a full-fledged space for grain shipment to water transport. Our flexible process flow chart allows us to simultaneously accept grain from rail and road transport and ship it after storage to water & road transport with an option of post-storage cleaning and vice versa.
Technological scheme:
Technological plan:

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River Terminal
River Terminal

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