Our advantages

High-quality equipment – excellent business

We only design and manufacture equipment that we can be confident in. Grain Capital's production technology mitigates the human factor and is subject to control for each operation. This is done to ensure that the equipment you purchase is more than guaranteed to fulfill its tasks.

Always on time

Spare stocks and standardization are major challenges for any sophisticated production facility. We always maintain a balance between inventory stock and agreements with component suppliers to ensure on-time production to meet the needs of our clients.

Price balance while ensuring functionality

We equip our machines with all the necessary safety and status monitoring tools, regardless of how expensive it would cost us or what terms of reference we would have agreed with our clients. Meanwhile, we stay abreast of market pricing trends and ensure an equally fair approach to fulfilling both large and small orders.

24/7 Support

One of our core specialties is high-performance equipment for port infrastructure. Grain Capital is the only company to explain what a shutdown of the grain storage complex is and what losses it can cause. Following the commissioning phase, we always keep in touch with you and solve all problems in a short time.

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